Shorts Story: 7 Ways to Jazz Up Your Summer Cutoffs

Photo by: Prudence & Austere
Dip Dye Tribal Shorts
Such a super cool look, these shorts are made by first dip dye bleaching a pair of black denim shorts and then jazzed up with a tribal pattern with a marker and a ruler.
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Prudence & Austere
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I'm sure you've noticed denim shorts making a serious fashion comeback … and they're only going to get hotter as summer goes on! Paired with a basic white tank top, this is a look you can rock all season long for any number of occasions from picnics to birthday parties. But paying the hefty designer price tag? That's something you definitely should not do - make your own instead! Ready to rock summer's hottest trend? Click on through for 10 customized denim shorts you're going to want in your closet!
-By Cyd Converse

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