You Have to See This Lingerie that Could Really Light Up Your Weekend

by Gena Kaufman


A pretty set of lingerie can make you feel sexy, but its appeal is generally short-lived once the lights go off. But this sweet set from Cosabella has a surprise.

Pretty, right? But here's the twist, which is how it looks depending on whether you're wearing it in the light or the dark...

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Bra, $84 and Thong, $47.50. (Cosabella)
Bra, $84 and Thong, $47.50. (Cosabella)

…it glows! The light-up lingerie comes in a variety of styles (push-up bras, bandeaus, thongs, boy shorts, etc.) and needs to be "charged" in either natural or artificial light to glow. Kind of a fun surprise when things heat up and the lights go off!

Would you try this? Do you think your guy would like the surprise? I like that it doesn't look gimmicky in the light.

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