(PHOTOS) Wedding Pattern Trend Watch 2013: IKAT, 10 Ways to Pull it Off

Photo by: Nancy Neil

This ikat pattern is bright, vibrant, and perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding in the summer.
Dozens of stunning tables…
Photo by: Nancy Neil on Santa Barbara Chic via Lover.ly

By Carly Totten, Lover.ly

What lies between chevron and tribal? One of our favorite up and coming patterns: ikat. We truly believe that patterns are going to be one of the trends to watch in 2013, and we're certain that ikat will be among the mix of the most popular.

Why are we fans of ikat, you ask? We love the distinct color blocking effect that happens as a result of the blending and weaving of the tie-dyed colors included. Another plus: ikat is like your favorite LBD - it's as formal as it is informal depending on how you choose to style it.

To demonstrate the undeniable "cool" factor of ikat, we've pulled our favorite looks together in the gallery. Which ones make your top three?

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