Petition Victoria's Secret to Makes Bras for Breast Cancer Survivors

By Gabriel Bell, Refinery29

Consumer activism is one of the few things in this world of price points, mass retailers, and corporate profits that actually gets anything done. Over the last few months, we've seen the future of garment production completely change thanks to a Greenpeace-led initiative that - thanks to people like you - actually worked. On a smaller scale, one child's letter to Hasbro not only helped change the color of the Easy Bake Oven, it may have spurred a new generation of boys to cook.

Well, today, we've got another chance to make a difference through small, simple actions. Allana Maiden, the daughter of a breast-cancer survivor, is asking the popular lingerie maker Victoria's Secret to make people like her mother who have undergone mastectomies feel just a little bit more normal and pretty through a heartfelt petition on It reads, "So many of us have mothers, daughters, and friends who have faced breast cancer. These inspiring women who have had mastectomy surgery as part of their treatment deserve to feel beautiful, too." Surely, they do. It continues, "Victoria's Secret is known for helping women feel confident and comfortable. Please celebrate the strength and hope of the survivors in our lives with a 'Survivor' line of mastectomy bras." We couldn't possibly add anything to that simple, inspiring message.

That's more than moving - it's entirely possible. Indeed, Victoria's Secret is in exactly the right position to be offering women such services. With hundreds of stores and an extended, efficient manufacturing system, they could basically corner the market on such bras in a single season. Like the new Easy Bake Oven, a "Survivor" line of bras at Victoria's Secret is not only a good thing to do, with perhaps hundreds of thousands of potential customers just waiting out there for an option like this, it's good business.

It's an amazing idea and a petition we're happy to sign. We hope you sign, too.

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