The Onesie Goes Designer: Here is the $1,000 Panda Playsuit of Your Dreams, Maybe

by Danica Lo

Courtesy Net-a-Porter
Courtesy Net-a-Porter

Here's something to brighten up your afternoon: The brilliant minds at Moschino have always been masters at combining fashion and whimsical, quirky humor--and this season, they've gone and outdone themselves.

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Say hello to the $1,000 Moschino Cheap and Chic "Panda" onesie.

Snuggle up in this throwback-to-your-childhood silhouette, complete with super-cute paw prints and zip-around hood printed with a cute bear face (don't worry--the "eyes" are mesh, so you can see through 'em).

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Would you ever wear a cute onesie like this out in public? I'm thinking it's more of a rich-person-lounging-around-at-home sort of look. What do you think?

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Courtesy Net-a-Porter
Courtesy Net-a-Porter