Obama's vacation style: dad jeans and over-sized blazers

The president's 'Dad Jeans', sneakers and sporty shirts raise eyebrows
Photo by: Matthew Healey-Poll/Getty Images
The president's 'Dad Jeans', sneakers and sporty shirts raise eyebrows-
Not surprisingly, all eyes have been on Barack Obama during his 9-day family respite in Martha's Vineyard this week. But according to Esquire.com style editor Kurt Soller, there's not been much to look at. "No jaunty summer clothes, no bathing-suit shots, and, if we're being honest, no real high style on display at all. Just look at those jeans." While everyone's fashion standards tend to fall on vacation (it's hard to "chillax" in a three-piece suit) and we can't truly blame the man for wanting to blend in with the laid-back Martha's Vineyard locals, there's still a sense with Obama (a man who has been on a number of best-dressed lists) that he simply knows better. In fact, some have suggested that the president's schlubby, "every man" vacation look is an intentional message to the country (Obama in bad jeans: he's just like us!). Writes Soller, "Imagine the added vitriol if he actually looked enviable while on vacation? People are mad enough already, so it's smart that he didn't." We rounded up the top fashion crimes the commander-in-chief should have vetoed this week-regardless of the reasons behind them.