Now You Can Carry Your Pet Around...In Your Accessories!

by Danica Lo

Dutch artist Cecilia Valentine has come up with a conceptual capsule collection of accessories that are simultaneously brilliant, charming, and totally bizarre. Behold: two pieces from Valentine's series "Fur is Alive"--a teeny-tiny birdcage headband that can house one teeny-tiny bird (probably not that fair to the bird to be honest) and one hollow necklace that you can put your pet mouse/hamster/hermit crab/rock in, below:

OK, OK, for real, I do not think it's a very good idea--or very animal-kind--to place actual living creatures inside any of these contraptions. They're quite small and constrained spaces.

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Valentine's explanation points out that this idea--of incorporating living materials in designs--has a lot of potential, from an artistic and practical standpoint, perhaps.

"Since we have animals as pets anyway, these designs allow us to take them with us and create truly valuable personal jewelry," Valentine's site explains. "In addition, living material continually fixes and refreshes itself, so you will always have a fresh coat of fur or new feathers to wear."

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If I had a tiny pet, maybe I would consider wearing it in an accessory only if the accessory had been designed with the pet's safety and comfort in mind. What do you think? Is that fair? The pros to this: I'd never need a pet sitter, like, ever. The cons? Well, what if the pet poops? Then what?

So many things to consider.

What do you think about this idea of portable pet fashion accessories? Tell us in the comments below!

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