Model Joan Smalls Sports a Weird Phantom Limb in New Gucci Ad

File this ad in the vault of epic airbrushing fails.

Model Joan Smalls appears to be sporting a strange extra limb in a campaign for Gucci's spring collection. The offending photograph was discovered in an issue of American Express Departures magazine by the watchdog website Photoshop Disasters, and it's certainly a sight to behold.

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At first glance, Smalls's good looks distract from her lower body, which is blocked by a snakeskin purse. But then, wait-what's that? Is that supposed to be her leg, under the purse?

"Women keep a lot of things in their purses, but their hips aren't one of them. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert on women's hips (having spent little to no time near them) but even I know that they tend to be somehow connected to an actual woman," wrote Bryce, at Photoshop Disasters. "One day, I hope to confirm this."

It appears that Smalls perched on the corner of the table with both legs pointed towards her right, then angled her torso to face the camera. Her right leg, blocked by the left, isn't visible. "It appears that they didn't understand that we are already looking at her left leg. They made her left leg the right leg and added a left leg," Graham Roberts, a Graphics Editor at The New York Times, told Yahoo! Shine.

"Her torso is twisted, but there's still something a little . . . off about the way her legs are positioned," The Huffington Post added to the debate. "Does anyone else notice that her crotch doesn't match up to her body at all?"

The fashion blog Stylelite had a different explanation-that Smalls' waist and legs had been detached and moved several inches to the right. "This is the first time we've seen a model's hips actively moved several inches to the side and then her leg whittled down to something the circumference of her already slender arms," wrote Verena von Peffen.

Regardless of exactly what happened to this photograph in editing, the result is truly ridiculous.

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