Lucky's 10 Summer Style Staples: The Trends Worth Shopping This Season

by Elana Fishman

We're all about building a solid closet full of basics-but each season, it's well worth investing in a trendy piece or two (OK, or three) to keep your wardrobe looking and feeling current. This is particularly important during the summer, a time when heat and humidity can leave you feeling simultaneously sweaty and sartorially uninspired. Of course, it's not financially feasible to splurge on every faddish fashion item under the sun at once; rather, it's about picking and choosing the looks that best fit your personal taste and budget.

That's why, in the gallery above, I've boiled it down and singled out 10 must-try trends that are actually worth your time (and dollars!) this summer-and found great versions of each at two very different price points. While I don't advise piling them all on at once-unless you're trying to look like a crazy person, that is-you're sure to find at least a few that are worth test-driving. Click through to get your summer style on.

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