Let's Talk About the Blond Hair Everyone is Talking About Today (Olivia Palermo's!)

by Petra Guglielmetti

Getty Images
Getty Images

Right around the time she got married (wearing an instantly famous pair of wedding shorts), fashion darling Olivia Palermo also began taking her hair blonder. Now she has appeared in the front rows of Paris Fashion Week looking quite blond indeed.

Olivia is one of those girls who's always all over Pinterest looking perfect from head to toe, so when she makes a big hair-color change, we all can't help but study its every nuance. Here's a shot of her at Valentino with her hair straight, so we can better see the details of the highlight placement.

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Getty Images
Getty Images

Now let's see a show of hands: Who wants to copy Olivia Palermo's new blonder hair as soon as possible? (Me please!)

Are any of you craving blonder hair at this point in summer?

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