Jessica Alba Spills Her Favorite Organic Skincare Picks

by Christa Lee

From the moment we sat down with Jessica Alba to chat during a recent Zico cooking event, we immediately realized the actress, mom and amazing cook (who knew?!) should also add "skincare expert" to her already extensive résumé. As the latest brand ambassador for Zico coconut water, Alba taught us that coconuts can offer a ton of beauty benefits-inside and out. "Coconut water is the easiest form of hydration, especially after a workout. Your skin looks better and your body functions better when it's fully hydrated," she said. "I also love using coconut oil as an at-home treatment. It's great for the ends of your hair, you can throw a a little bit in your bath [for all-over moisture], or rub it directly on super-dry areas like the bottom of your feet or hands."

Aside from coconut oil, Alba loves experimenting with beauty products-though she admits finding the right skincare combo comes with a certain amount of trial and error. "I go through phases of being obsessed with something," Alba said. "I get [sent samples] and I love to try everything! There are so many out there, so I give it a day and if it doesn't work for me, I move on. I look for ingredients that won't clog my pores. Usually products with natural ingredients [doesn't make my skin react badly]," she added.

The beauty advice doesn't stop here: above, we shopped out a few of the natural and organic skin-perfecting brands that Alba can't live without. Click through to find your new eco-friendly favorite!

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