J. Crew Under Fire for New "XXXS" Sizing

By The Cosmopolitan Editors

Following criticism over their new size 000, J. Crew have denied that it's embracing "vanity sizing" gone crazy. Equivalent to an XXXS in U.S. sizing (as Racked notes, that's apparently the equivalent of a 23-inch waistline) the new size is a real thing, "addressing the demand coming from Asia for smaller sizes than what we had carried," a J. Crew spokesperson told CNBC. "Our sizes typically run big and the Asia market tends to run small."

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Though the spokesperson said that size 000 stock only makes up "the smallest possible percentage," of J.Crew's merchandise, they added if the customer demand is there, they'll do their best to accommodate it. Unless, that is, the demand is for clothes cut larger than their size 16, in which case they won't.

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