Hot Fashion Trend: Stacked Bracelets

I admit: When I first heard about this new "arm party" trend, I just thought it was an excuse to wear every bracelet you own at once. But actually … it's not.

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This guide on how to wear the trend shows that there's a lot more to it than that. (Click here to read the whole thing.) Plus, these amazing photos are making me re-think my initial eye rolling. Scroll down to check out six looks, or click here for all the pics.

So Many Options

Bangles, beads, friendship bracelets, watches, cuffs, studs ... there's a lot to choose from. Fashion expert Stephanie Rygorsky suggests starting with a go-to set of five slim metal bangles, and then mixing in different textures and colors depending on your outfit.

Click here to see another arm party with lots of color and texture

Perfect Timing

Watches are definitely welcome at an arm party. From a chunky men's watch to a delicate, feminine timepiece, these touches add a sophisticated vibe to your overall stacked look.

As to where you place the watch, it all depends on your own style. "I personally mix my watch in the middle of my bracelets, and like to vary the textures of the baubles to include both metal and leather, string, or rope," says Rygorsky.

Click here to see another way to wear a watch with your arm party.

Style by Color

If you're not comfortable with your complete arm covered in jewelry, start with just a few pieces. Rygorsky says an easy way to begin is by "stacking thin bangles in the same color family, or even all black and white bracelets."

And if you're worried about the noise factor (metal bracelets tend to clang together), switch to "five or six multi-colored woven friendship or rope bracelets tied on one arm," she says.

Click here for an arm party that sticks to the same color family.

Doubly Decorated

Is your other arm looking a little lonely? Start stacking -- so you have two arm parties at the same time. But be warned, this can look a little over accessorized. According to Rygorsky, "Wearing bracelets on both wrists is definitely eye-catching, so I would advise keeping the rest of your jewelry minimal."

Click here to see another double wrist arm party.

Bright Hues

While you can try an all silver or all gold bangle look, don't forget about the power of color. "Depending on how bold you are, you can incorporate one color element into an all-metal bracelet stack, or you can go all out and mix and match several colors on one arm," says Rygorsky.

Click here for another way to add color to your arm party.

For the Professional

You probably don't want to wear a bunch of friendship bracelets to the office -- unless your office is pretty lax. Even then, friendship bracelets can give off a less mature vibe, which won't help when you want that promotion.

Click here to see another look that works for the office.

Now, tell me: Are you bold enough to try this trend? Leave your answer below.

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