Gross or Awesome? Artist Creates Shoes Made Out of 1,050 Teeth

Here's something to put you in a creepy Halloween spirit. Artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young of Fantich & Young have created a pair of men's dress shoes called the "Apex Predator Shoes" that look perfectly normal from a distance, until you turn them over and check out the soles. There you'll find 1,050 teeth dentures glued on the bottom, with two gold teeth at the toes of the shoes. Shudder.

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And if you're not fully freaked out yet, there's more. There's also the "Apex Predator Suit" made out of human hair, more dentures, and … brace yourselves … glass eyes. Call us buttoned-up conservatives, but we don't like the idea of our clothing staring at us.

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The hair suit and teeth shoes are art pieces, so they're not for sale, but we're thinking this ensemble would be an absolutely perfect Halloween costume if you're planning on going as a zombie tap dancer.

For even more jaw-droppingly frightening shoes, check out the scariest shoes of all time. Trust us, these things are practically lethal.

What do you think? Are you grossed out by these teeth and human hair clothes?

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