"New Girl" on the Block: 7 Ways to Steal Zooey Deschanel's Look

Do you have a celebrity style icon? Right now, I'm crushing hard on everything Zooey Deschanel wears - and not just on the red carpet or in every-day Zooey Deschanel life. Specifically, I have a major style crush on Zooey's character Jess in her hit TV show New Girl. Each week I'm all, Sorry, Jess, I can't pay attention to your cute little quirks because THAT DRESS! So I did some hunting and tracked down some of the clothes (and shoes and jewelry) that Jess has actually worn on the show. I also pulled together some looks that Jess would totally wear, and that you can totally buy. You're welcome. Take a look at these 7 essential wardrobe additions to achieve the " adorkable" New Girl look! - By Michelle Horton

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