The Most Flattering Lingerie for Your Body Type

Photo by: Courtesy of Only Hearts
Circle: Borrow From The Boys

There's just something inherently sexy about a woman wearing nothing but a man's button-down. This menswear-inspired nightshirt begs to be touched-it's made with super-soft organic cotton-and it compliments a Circle shape beautifully, hiding a tummy but showing off those gorgeous gams. Man, oh, man!

Only Hearts nightshirt, $75

Sure, most nights your go-to bedtime outfit consists of sweats you bought in college and your boyfriend's perfectly worn-in (if a little bit ratty) softball league T-shirt, or if you're feeling fancy, maybe a cami and pajama pants. But special occasions (hello, Valentine's Day!) serve as a reminder that sometimes it's good to step it up a bit when it comes to our sleepwear and lingerie. The idea of baring our best-er-assets may seem daunting, but we've all got something to show off.

Whether you're a Ruler or an Hourglass or are somewhere in between, we've got sexy options made just for your particular body shape. Give 'em a whirl. Dinner and a movie optional.

- by Lesley Kennedy

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