The Five Types of Baseball Caps You Need in Your Closet

by Elana Fishman

It's funny how fashion trends work. A couple of years ago on this very site, we would've urged you to update your warm-weather wardrobe by buying a (as in, one) baseball cap; at that time, the classic snapback was in the midst of a major comeback. A number of seasons later, however, caps have made the tricky transition from faddish to timelessly fashionable-just ask our hat-happy editor-in-chief! And while last year's cheeky (and occasionally copyright-infringing) slogan-front varieties made popular by celebs like Cara Delevingne are slowly (finally!) falling out of favor, snapbacks touting a sports team or clothing brand or covered in a cool, kicky print are still hotter than ever.

That's why we've moved beyond recommending you add a single snapback to your summer wardrobe-in fact, there are five distinct types of caps worth considering right now. From luxe leather varieties to traditionally athletic ones, click through to learn about (and shop, of course!) each one.

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