Fashion that makes us sad: Jeremy Scott’s $424 underwear clutch


These days there are a lot of nontraditional handbags and clutches out there. It's astonishingly easy to find a purse in the shape of a guitar, a football, a book, or an armadillo. Seriously.

Designer Jeremy Scott is a veteran of creating bizarre clothing and accessories, from Flinstones-esque clothing, to Lady Gaga-worthy meat dresses, to full-on Superman outfits. He clearly is someone who enjoys poking fun at fashion, but his latest venture is just plain gross.

Meet the leather "Underpants" clutch. As noted on the e-tail site, "this article has a voluntarily old-looking aspect." Because doesn't everyone want to carry their cash and credit cards around in a soiled pair of tighty-whiteys?


For those who do think this pair of undies makes a funny purse or are looking for a good gag item, would they be willing to pay the $424 price tag? Well, someone must, because the clutch is already completely sold out on Colette! Jeez.

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