Fashion that Makes Us Sad: Kate Spade's $328 Armadillo Basket

The latest Kate Spade bag looks like an armadillo.
The latest Kate Spade bag looks like an armadillo.

Handbags shaped like objects

are weird. Remember on "Sex and the City" when Mr. Big buys Carrie a fancy Judith Leiber clutch shaped like a swan? She just stared at it, very confused. That's how we felt when we discovered a bag shaped like an armadillo back in 2010. The design was so bizarre, we wondered who would buy such a handbag. Apparently Kate Spade has been wondering the same thing.

Introducing Kate Spades armadillo armadillo wicker shoulder bag, retailing for $328 at Neiman Marcus. From the back it may look like an ordinary basket but from the front you see that creepy little snout poking out. To make matters worse, this is not even really a purse, but more of a picnic basket by design. Wanna store your tea sandwiches and snacks in a wicker armadillo? Neither do we.

We suppose some women might buy an armadillo purse as an affordable novelty item, but a designer purse that looks like roadkill? No thank you.

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