Fashion that Makes Us Sad: $48,000 Chanel Shell Clutches

When we saw these shell clutches at the Chanel Spring 2012 fashion show in Paris we were intrigued: was Chanel really manufacturing handbags that look like shells? Were they even functional? Who would actually carry one? Months later we now know the answers are yes, yes, and a very rich lady.

That said, we feel these Chanel Shell Minaudieres would only work in a few scenarios: attending a kitchy beach wedding, as an art piece, or if you're Katy Perry or the Little Mermaid. We suppose they're sort of pretty, but it takes a certain person to pull off carrying a bag shaped like a giant shell.

And then there's the issue of price. We haven't spotted the bags yet in stores, but the ladies at Purse Blog called Chanel and discovered that the pearly resin shell clutch sells for $33,000. The version covered in multicolored freshwater pearls costs a whopping $48,000. WHAT?! Move over, Hermes! There's a new, overpriced handbag in town.

What would you do with $48,000 instead of buying this Chanel clutch?

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