Disney Princesses as High School Students

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like if your fave Disney Princesses existed IRL? You'd totally be BFFs with Anna, right? Well, a brilliant artist on Tumblr named Punziella (via Buzzfeed) gave some of your favorite fairytale characters a modern makeover, so you can see what they'd look like if Disney royalty really rocked your school halls. We have to say, we're really digging Merida's edgy vibe-um, can we get that outfit??

Check out some of Punziella's incredible creations below!

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The impossibly adorable Anna from Frozen. Girl knows how to accessorize!

And you can't forget her super-stylish sister Elsa (who's all about the monochromatic look)!

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And then we have the awesome casts of Tangled and Brave, or the super cool kids you totally want to sit with at lunch.

We mean, really. How major are Merida's outfits?

And we're dying over Rapunzel's super sweet look.

Basically we want to be besties with all of them IMMEDIATELY-and then raid their wardrobes!

Which Disney character do you wish went to your school? Sound off in the comments!


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