Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle: The Incredible Wearable Bar

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An old proverb says "necessity is the mother of invention." We're not sure a fashionable and discreet way to conceal alcohol in public in a a "necessity," but designer Cynthia Rowley sure seems to think so! Her new stainless steel flask bangle, which sells for $225 on, uses the proverb as its selling point.

This purse doubles as a boxed wine

The large silver cuff is already making the rounds from the runway to the arms of stylish celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow. The actress recently posted a photo in her "Early Summer Scrapbook" on Goop with the caption: "Who doesn't need a covert flask?" Perhaps Paltrow has a point.

Cynthia Rowley shares her design motivation

Fashionistas, oenophiles and mixologists alike took to Twitter in support of the accessory.

Many clunky inventions have come along in recent years that aim to hide your booze. First came the Wine Rack ($27.59), a sports bra with extra-long straws that's designed to enhance your bust and your buzz. Then there was Baggy Winecoat ($44), the purse with a hidden spout to guzzle wine as you go. And men should not be left out! For the guys there are Flask Ties ($24.95), which come in 34 designs and can hold up to six ounces of any liquid refreshment.

Cynthia Rowley's flask bangle may cost quite a bit more than these other sneaky devices, but it's quite stylish, and surely a conversation starter. We can hear it now: "Wow, what a cool bracelet!" "Thanks! It's full of rum today. Want a swig?" You could wear it out to parties, concerts, dinners, bars, awkward family reunions (just kidding!). Yes, the fancy bangle brings new meaning to the term "hip flask," and, well, they just might be a necessity.

For more summer fashion trends, check out the video below:

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