Confirmed: Kate Moss Posing for Playboy's 60th Anniversary Cover

by Alison Syrett Cleary

Courtesy of Fairchild Archive
Courtesy of Fairchild Archive

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If you thought working with Lena Dunham was the most surprising move that Playboy could pull, then have we got some news for you. It's just been confirmed by the Los Angeles Times that not only is Kate Moss is the covergirl for the magazine's 60th anniversary edition (a double issue for January/February), but she'll appear in an accompanying spread wearing "velveteen bunny ears, French cuffs, silk stockings and a 'come-hither smile.'"

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Now, one could argue that this isn't exactly shocking information, as the supe already has dozens of completely nude photoshoots under her belt. But remember, those features have been artsy editorials for highbrow fashion magazines. Playboy is unabashedly about looking sexy and little else. Still, as this is Kate Moss we're taling about, maybe she'll make this the magazine's most stylish pictorial yet. Marc Jacobs does have a thing for bunny ears.

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