Company Scans Over 800 Breasts to Create New Bra Sizing Method

Andrea Arterbery, Shine Staff

Can't find your perfect bra fit? Enter Jockey International.

The undergarment company has created a new system in the hopes of helping women find their best fit.

"The entire bra purchase process is flawed," Dustin Cohn, Chief Marketing Officer for Jockey, said. "Women are asked to measure their breasts with a tape measure. A woman's breasts are three dimensional, so it doesn't make sense to measure them with a two dimensional method. This changes the way bras support a bigger, bustier woman."

Jockey's new measurement system, the Fit Kit ($20), focuses on the shape of your breasts (i.e. volume) rather than the actual bust size.

Eight years in the making, Jockey scanned more than 800 female breasts

to design this bra. During their research, Jockey found that 75 percent of women have difficulty finding a bra that fits their size and 85 percent are wearing the wrong size. Also, the brand encourages consumers to size themselves at home by offering a Fit Kit for purchase online.

With cups, a color-coded measuring tape, protective lingerie wash bag and instructions, this kit boasts claims of being the "first and only system that measures breast volume." The page also includes a step-by-step guide and video on how to use the kit. Sales associates are available in-store to help out with the process.

The traditional 80-year-old alphanumeric method most women utilize is to take a tape measure to figure out the band size (or the area around the torso and under the bust) along with the bust size (or the area around the torso and over the nipples). The difference is calculated between the bust and band size to figure out cup size, which is outlined in a chart based off of this figure.

Jockey's Fit Kit asks that women find the cup that best fits the breast and then use the measure tape underneath the breasts to measure the band size. The bras do not feature underwire cups.

"It's the closest thing to a custom bra that you'll find," Cohn said.

Prices for the new Jockey Bra start at $60. There are 5 styles available: Classic Contour, Tailored Contour, Double Lined Contour, Classic Soft Contour and Double Lined Soft Cup.