Change-Your-Life Beauty Tip: The Genius Way to Hide a Chipping Manicure Without Taking it Off

by Beth Shapouri

Courtesy of Essie
Courtesy of Essie

The other day I met with Sara Alter, founder of the design-your-own-nail-polish company Pretty Please (which lets you personalize a lacquer by chosing a name and nail polish color for your friend's birthday/bridesmaid gifts/whatever), when I spotted her reverse French manicure. You know where the tips of her nails are one color on top of another (in her case bright) base polish. Naturally, I complimented her on it--I'm a beauty writer, I appreciate a little effort in the cuteness department. Then she confessed something: She had done it to hide the fact that the edges of her manicure were chipping.

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How do you do this? Well, if you take a look at the look the Essie folks created for Rebecca Minkoff fall 2014 at New York Fashion Week, you'll get the idea.

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You just drag a brush dipped in a contrasting color along the edge of the nail freehand. Now, you can do this with French manicure stickers if you're not so sure-handed, but I urge you to skip it-anything too perfect might draw attention to any nicks or dents you're covering up. Think of this as quick-fix camouflage, not a precise nail look.

So did I just change your life or what?

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