Believe it or Not: Study Shows Men Spend More on Shoes Than Women Do!

by Danica Lo

If you think you spend a lot of money on shoes, maybe it's time to take look at the man in your life. British market research company Mintel recently released a report that showed men in the U.K. actually spend more on shoes than women. Yes, it's true--Louboutins and Manolos may be pricey, but I guess they're not as swish as fancy boys' brogues and wing tips!

How much do you estimate you spend on shoes every month or every year? What about guys you know?

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Personally, every season, I'll buy at least three pairs of shoes--in the fall and winter they'll be boots or pumps, and in the summer, I'll load up on sandals and wedges. My brother, on the other hand, tends to buy mostly seasonless dress shoes (to wear to work) and, otherwise, just sneakers.

"Men's fashion items are often investments--a good suit, a great overcoat, and a decent pair of shoes have never been cheap to buy but were built to last season upon season," Colin Chapman writes in The Guardian. "Perhaps men spending more on their footwear is a sign that quality is being appreciated, part of a revived interest in buying into traditional skills."

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So is this newfound consumer interest in shoes simply an indication that men are investing more money in timeless pieces--or, perhaps, are men's shoe purchases aligning more with women's trend- and season-driven shopping habits?

Have you noticed that guys you know are spending more on shoes than ever before? Do you think that you spend more on shoes than men? Pop culture tells us that women are shoe-obsessed, but are we really more shoe-obsessed than guys? Sound off in the comments!

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