Barbie's Incredible Shrinking Swimsuit

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Malibu Barbie by Trina Turk (2013)
2013 Malibu Barbie By Trina Turk, $50,
Barbie's latest getup consists of a tiny, strapless, high-waisted floral bikini and a white fishnet coverup. Although the look is on-trend, it's far more revealing than her one-pieces of the past.

While we may struggle to find the perfect swimsuit, Barbie has never had any problem with her summer attire. Over the years, however, our plastic blonde friend has worn increasingly racy swimwear. Case in point: the 2013 Malibu Barbie by Trina Turk. Check out her itsy bitsy floral bandeau, accessorized with just a sheer mesh coverup and sky-high wedges! The old school 1959 Barbie is gasping in horror in her one-piece. After some extensive research, we've concluded that Barbie's new swimwear look is her skimpiest yet. Take a look at her beach-ready looks through the years. By Andrea Arterbery, Shine Staff