Ahead of the Curve: 7 Plus-size Denim Trends Making Waves This Summer

Photo by: ASOS
Ironically, men are wearing slimmer cut jeans and now the relaxed and distressed denim is on trend. Go figure! ASOS Curve knows that the "boyfriend jean" is a trend that can be worn by anyone. Throw them on with a tank top or graphic tee!
Get it at ASOS, $45.80.
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I'm curvy and proud. Yes, I wear plus sizes, am in love with fashion, and I want to wear the latest trends my way, and today it's all about plus size denim trends. Just for the record, I wear denim all the time and couldn't imagine my life without it. Denim has become a staple in our lives; since Levi's constructed the first pair of blue jeans in 1873, the fashion world has never looked back. I know it's durability and versatility has made it a popular piece of clothing in my closet. I can practically pair them with anything-dressed up or down. This summer there are some plus size denim trends that have really caught my eye - 7 denim trends to be exact. I will tell you there is one trend I'm seeing alot, but not in the plus size fashion world, it's high-waisted denim. I'm bummed no one is making it for us curvy ladies. It's seriously their loss! - By Monique Frausto

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