7 Crucial Tips to Revitalize Your Look

My new beauty book, The Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look At Any Age, launches in stores today. As a beauty and fashion editor, I've spent over two decades working on photo shoots with thousands of smart, accomplished, gutsy models, actresses and everyday women who plan to stay in the game indefinitely. Here are seven crucial tips to help you do that, too.

1. CUT YOUR BANGS OR RESHAPE YOUR BROWS. No matter how trendy your clothes and hair, bad brows that are too short, too skinny, shaped like tadpoles or commas will date your looks. Two options: fill and extend your brows with powder and pencil for a lush elongated shape, or cut long full feathery bangs for total camouflage. Either way you get more definition and enhance your eyes.

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2. YOU NEED THREE KINDS OF CONCEALER. After 50, there's no such thing as a do-it-all concealer. You need an opaque camouflage cream for brown spots, a tinted hydrating cream cover-up in peach or bisque for dark circles and a shimmery pink highlighter pen to brighten tired eyes.

3. A FOUNDATION BRUSH MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. When skin loses that taut, firm feeling, a brush is the real solution to wearing foundation. It eliminates streaks and borderlines and gives even full-coverage liquid and creams a skin-like seamless look. Use the brush in a back and forth motion to apply foundation and then in a patting motion where you need extra coverage.

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4. THE RIGHT HAIR COLOR FATTENS THIN HAIR AND ENHANCES SKIN. The truth is only a few women have really gorgeous gray hair. The rest of us benefit from the color and texture boost chemical color provides. Go brighter in overall color to warm up sallow pasty skin (or if you've stopped using self-tanner).Add highlights to enhance thin flat hair, blur visible scalp at the roots (even if you're gray!) and break up solid blonde or brunette color which ages everyone ten years.

5. PROVEN DE-AGERS GIVE BETTER SKIN AND BETTER MAKEUP APPLICATION. Post-menopause skin needs extra hydration and exfoliation. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinols and anti-oxidants help regain a firmer, clearer, smoother texture. Your makeup will glide on easily, blend and perform better once you deal density and dryness.

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6. COLOR ADDS ENERGY AND WARMTH TO YOUR FACE. When it comes to lips and blush trade your neutrals, beiges and earthy bronzes for fresh clear pink, apricot or berry colors. Formulas that are highly pigmented but sheer add color without excess texture.

7. LOOKING POLISHED IS THE BEST REVENGE It's the difference between frumpy and fabulous, careless and cared-for, and consistent grooming gets you there. For starters: blow frizzy hair smooth and glossy, fix torn ear piercings, keep feet sandal ready, use body and facial scrubs, get a monthly trim and toss any clothes that are stained.

About the author: Lois Joy Johnson is an editor, blogger and author of The Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look At Any Age.


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