25 Playful Fashion Pieces that Will Make You LOL

by Julia Friedman

Fashion is fun. Or it should be, anyway! Here at Lucky, we're taking that statement quite literally. And, lately, so is the rest of the fashion world. We've officially lived to see the day when balloon animals live purses and pom poms are for so much more than arts and crafts. Who wouldn't want a colossal hula hoop bag from Chanel or a pair of Celine furkenstocks? We're totally in favor of this grown-up game of dress up.

So start your weekend off right by checking out some of the quirkiest and most charming clothes and accessories we could find--including a blinged-out cake clutch that looks good enough to eat. Yes, we've included plenty of furry friends to meet our quota, but we've got plenty of other picks that will bring a smile to your face in their own unique way.

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