22 Things You Should Stop Feeling Guilty About

By Elisa Benson and Alexandra Martell
Sorry, not sorry.

1. Being single. Despite what Facebook or your mother may lead you to believe, there is no law against being single. Go be your ***flawless self and enjoy all the great stuff you have - and getting to take up your whole queen bed by yourself.

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2. Saying no to plans with someone. Everyone needs alone time to recharge and get some quiet (or drive around in your car singing for an hour, whichever). Telling someone you can't hang out one time does not make you a bad friend.

3. Your best friend getting weird and quiet. And assuming it's your fault even though you can't remember anything you did that could have upset her. She's got a life outside of you, just as you have one outside her. Because 98 percent of the time, it is not you. The other 2 percent, you know what you did.

4. Not calling your parents enough. There's no definition of "enough." If it works for you, it's OK.

5. Throwing money at a problem instead of dealing with it yourself. Paying someone to clean your apartment or figure out what the eff is happening with your taxes is one of the great perks of grown-up life. Earning a paycheck is supposed to make your life easier.

6. Eating dessert. No lady can live on kale alone.

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7. Not being close with your sibling. Yes, you grew up together and still share a lot, but siblings are like any other person in your life - it's fine to just be friends on Facebook.

8. Missing a friend's wedding/bridal shower/birthday/etc. Being there for your friends doesn't mean always literally being there for your friends. If the only time you can take that two-week vacation to Europe happens to coincide with a good friend's 30th, book your ticket and don't think twice about it. A true friend always appreciates a champagne celebration, even when it's a few days late.

9. Staying inside on a sunny, beautiful Sunday to marathon the entire second season of Orange Is the New Black. Weather isn't the boss of you.

10. Not cleaning your room. Your room isn't the boss of you either.

11. Posting a selfie to show off a good hair day. If you won't compliment yourself, who will?

12. Spending a big chunk of money on a trip/new purchase that makes you really happy. Money can buy happiness, sometimes. Yes, you'll be eating grilled cheese for dinner for two weeks, but the memories (and selfies) from your trip to LA with your best friend will bring you joy for years to come.

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13. Reading about the Kardashians obsessively. Even though you klaim not to kare. They are a phenomenon. Don't fight it.

14. Telling a nice guy you're not interested. Any human with a heart hates letting someone down, but stringing him along is a greater disservice to both of you.

15. Reading YA and/or watching TV shows clearly aimed at 14-year-olds. Does it bring you pleasure in life? Then live your definition of YOLO, even if it's the same as your baby cousin's.

16. Loving songs like "Blurred Lines" even though you are a feminist. Feminism, like your relationship status, is complicated. Understanding why something is problematic and deciding to like it anyway doesn't take away from the larger mission of the movement.

17. Ditto for loving makeup, and guys opening doors for you, and puppies wearing bows.

18. Sleeping in instead of being productive. You know what's not productive? Pretending like you're going to get up at 9 a.m. and then hitting snooze for the next two hours. You can clean the bathroom when you're dead.

19. Skipping a workout. Here are 20 completely legit reasons why it's OK.

20. Not wanting to be friends with someone anymore. Blame Facebook for the false idea that every human is meant to stay in your life forever. It's normal for some relationships to run their course. Don't waste emotional energy that you could spend on a relationship that is important trying to resuscitate something that's gone.

21. Crying. Please! You're not a robot who is magically immune to crap texts from exes, evil bosses, or commercials with babies.

22. Blocking someone on Twitter or Instagram. Do you think Kate Middleton thinks twice about blocking someone? Embrace your inner princess and put that troll in her place.

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