2012 Salon and Spa Trends

Massages will get a whole new look in 2012. Photo courtesy of SpaFinder
Massages will get a whole new look in 2012. Photo courtesy of SpaFinder

We know the holidays are exciting, but we're always anxious to hear about the latest and greatest beauty innovations. Our friends at SpaFinder worked with leading industry analysts and over 15,000 spas, yoga, pilates, and fitness studios, wellness practitioners, and salons to release their 2012 forecast on the biggest salon and spa trends in the new year. Here's the top 10 fancy treatments you can expect to see come January and beyond.

1. Healthy feet treatments
Whether your feet ail you from injuries or wearing high heels, pampering your tootsies will become a high priority, with spas specializing in podiatric remedies.

2. Cold treatments
It's going to be an extra chilly winter with ice chambers, snow showers, and ice rubdowns following saunas are designed to enhance enhance circulation and reduce inflammation in muscles and joints.

3. The glam factor
Who doesn't love 10-minute manicures, blow dry bars, and walk-in makeup applications? Next year fast and affordable treatments will be be even more glitzy with Swarovski manicures, intricate braiding, colorful extensions, and lash tints on the rise.

4. Wellness and beauty coaching
Forget dietitians and pilates instructors. Next year every area will be specialized health coaches, sleep coaches, and even eyebrow coaches (seriously). Can't make it to Canyon Ranch? Consultations will be available via phone, email, and Skype so you'll never neglect those New Year's resolutions.

5. Spa, wine, and dine packages

Culinary-plus-spa experiences are the new pairing in 2012 as gourmet meals complement your treatments. Who knew "Plates and Pilates" go together like peanut butter and jelly.

6. Vibration, Sound, Music, Light, and Color therapies
Tired of whale calls and babbling brooks? Now aromatherapy is kicked up a notch with music therapy, light shows, and vibrational medicine for a full sensory experience to sooth your mind and body.

7. Online wellness gaming

We know this sounds nuts, but half a billion people worldwide play online games for at least half an hour a day! Spas are hoping to offer meditation, workouts, challenges, and rewards via online games to help people stick to healthy lifestyle choices.

8. SpaEvidence.com
Does a massage really boost your immune system? Does acupressure really work? This new site explains the science behind treatments from the mundane to the hippie dippy. You can also expect to find more spa treatments and wellness approaches prescribed by doctor. We can only hope one day insurance will cover facials.

9. Family-friendly spas

With young girls longing for mani-pedis and more family trips to spas, it only makes sense that they'd start offering more treatments for kids. "Ice cream pedicures" and baby massage classes for new parents are just some of the new items on the menu.

10. The "wow" factor
Scented candles and plush robes aren't enough these days. Amusement park spas are on the rise with tube slides, bubble baths, and dozens of creative saunas. New rocking massage tables make clients feel as though they're floating on air. We say bring it on! (And hook us up with a discount.)

For more specific info on these trends, head over to SpaFinder.

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