2 Astonishing Bra Makeovers - You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

By GalTime's Bra Gal Jene Luciani

Bra Makeovers
Bra Makeovers

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what really causes breast sagging, well, you know the rest. It's a question I get asked a lot! While I'm not a doctor, I DID do the research - and then some - and covered this extensively in The Bra Book. I interviewed several renowned doctors to get their professional opinions, and really aimed to separate fact from fiction.

Recently, I gave the 411 on this very topic during my second appearance on the award-winning nationally syndicated The Dr. Oz Show.

Now, I'm giving GalTime the scoop on sagging...and how the proper fitting bra can truly be uplifting!

Why do breasts sag?

Every woman, regardless of genetics, skin elasticity, and other factors (like whether or not they've had children), can expect some sagging over time.

There are so many myths revolving around why this happens. Unfortunately, most doctors agree that gravity is the biggest culprit. As we age, we all succumb to this theory of downward pull.

Personally, I firmly believe that the amount of support you give your breasts over the years also plays a role. I know so many women who are running errands, dropping the kids off at school, even working out, without the proper support. With all of that bouncing around, the sensitive breast skin is stretching, and many times will stretch to the point of no return, like a rubber band that won't spring back.

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What you can do....

Ladies, the bra you wear can make all the difference! Believe it or not, many women don't know or understand the key elements to a proper fitting bra. They wear the wrong size altogether, bands that are much too big, or straps that are just too loose. (I even had to school Dr. Oz, who asked me during rehearsal, "What does the letter mean?)

To help give you a better idea of how a bra should fit, here are two "bra makeovers" from the episode I was featured on:



Nancy had a very common problem. Although she is fuller busted, she lost a lot of volume after she had kids. She was also wearing a size that was 4 inches too big in the band and 3 sizes too small in the cups!

When I put her in the proper bra, she immediately complained that it was too tight. This was a reaction I expected to hear since her previous bra was two sizes too big!

Many women opt for comfort over function. If the bra you are wearing is comfortable then most likely you are wearing the wrong size bra. Once she got used to the proper fit, Nancy loved that she finally had a 'waistline,' another welcome side-effect of wearing the perfect bra.

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Tiffany was also wearing the wrong size. She recently lost weight, so her breasts had lost volume. While she ended up being a smaller band size, she was actually wearing a cup that was too small. Once I put her in the right bra, her breasts were pushed up front and center, keeping them supported.

Aren't the results astonishing? Here are some tips to take away from this story:

  • Make sure you adjust your bra straps every single day. They are supposed to help keep the breasts supported and lifted, without digging into your shoulders.

  • Get fitted for a bra every 6 months - 1 year since your breasts are constantly changing (but be sure to avoid getting measured the week before and during your period.)

  • Have a fitting even sooner if you've gone through a major life change, like weight loss/gain or pregnancy

  • Keep those puppies supported, even when working out!

You may not be able to change the fact that gravity is inevitable or that grandma was prone to sagging, but you can change how you support your breasts now and in the future!

(PS: The bras for the show were provided by Frederick's of Hollywood. You can check out my entire segment by clicking here.)

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