16 Father's Day Gifts Your Dad Won't Even Realize He Needed

by Cristina Harrell

I'll be the first to admit that shopping for Father's Day is next to impossible. It seems like any time I ask my dad what he wants for Father's Day (or any gift-giving occasion, for that matter), the only response he can ever seem to muster up is "I don't need anything else." I mean, c'mon-even my mom will admit when she wants an exciting new kitchen gadget or some fun accessories to spruce up her wardrobe. When facing such an uphill battle, it's a given that any child will default to some combination of fancy ties, sports tickets, and DVD boxed sets-creativity just doesn't fit into the equation.

I, for one, want to take a stand and make this the year that I finally branch out to get my dad a gift that will truly knock his socks off. Hopefully I can help you do the same-click through the above slideshow for a compilation of some of the most unique gifts I could find-presents so good, your dad won't even remember what life was like without them.

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