$112,000 Shoes and the World's Most Stupidly Overpriced Style

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Photo by: Borgezie
Platinum heels, $112,000
Looking for heels that will last forever? The House of Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra Stiletto come with a 1,000 year guarantee, but we can't promise they're comfortable! After four years of development and 100 hours melting down and working with the platinum metal, the bespoke heels can now be yours for the price of a luxury sports car.

Who doesn't love a deal on basic fashion and beauty staples. Plain white T-shirts, leggings, and shampoo are best at a bargain. But the biggest current style trend is elevating everyday items using lush fabrics and ingredients and charging exorbitant prices. The latest crime? $112,000 heels made out of platinum. If you're not up for those, you could also try a brand new pair of $3,800 gold Ray-Ban aviators. Brace yourself for some serious sticker shock. By Joanna Douglas, Yahoo Shine Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor