10 Things Only Long-Haired People Will Understand

by Catherine Q. O'Neill

Robert Mitra
Robert Mitra

Long hair, don't care? Think again...

1. You have two morning-alarm settings: the wash-your-hair alarm and the dry-shampoo alarm. And they're about two hours apart.

2. You're perfectly happy to get into the pool--up to your waist.

3. Birthday candles (and open flames in general) terrify you.
If your hair doesn't catch on fire this year, consider your wish granted.

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4. Even the ends of your hair have been around longer than your current boyfriend. And you'd never waste any of those ends on a breakup cut.

5. On windy days, your hair could be classified as a weapon. Not to mention your sticky lip gloss's worst enemy.

6. You've gotten your hair stuck in doors, fans (we feel you, Bey), and Pilates reformer machines. Which leads us to our next point...

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7. There's always a band around your wrist. And it's not a Fitbit.

8. You're willing to give up a spin class reservation (or a steamy hookup) on the day of a great salon blowout. Not tonight, honey, these glossy waves cost me $50.

9. Drying your own hair makes your arms sore. Yep, definitely gonna feel that in my triceps tomorrow.

10. You know the pain of a ponytail headache. And usually it's more like a migraine.

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