10 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Under $100

Photo by: Yes Style
Tisvin Lace Maxi Dress, $65, available at Yes Style.

By Connie Wang, Refinery29

The thought of spending thousands on a single dress (let alone on one so specific and extravagant you'll really only get to wear it once) makes your head hurt more than a Champagne hangover. After all, you're getting married - not planning your personal financial ruin - so, you'd rather spend the day in a simple, casual, white number that you'll be able to wear again and again.

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Sure, for a $100, you're not going to get the mile-long train, the hand-embellished breadcrumb catcher, or duchess silk spun by fairy unicorn worms…but you weren't that kind of bride in the first place now, were you? For your courtroom date, your backyard ceremony, or your quick trip to the chapel, these dresses will serve you just fine through the service and beyond (and give you a little more cash padding where it real counts - your honeymoon, of course!).

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