10 of the Craziest Leggings Ever

Photo by: shop.someproductapparel.com
Cat Leggings, $75
Remember the good old days when watching crazy cat videos was enough? Now we're wearing them on their legs.

There was a time when wearing black leggings made a bold fashion statement. Now, you can't turn heads in a pair of stretchy pants unless you've got the face of Karl Lagerfeld imprinted on your thigh. Ever since 2011, the fashion industry has seen a rise in the demand for pants-less pants.
According to Women's Wear Daily, some designers have responded by offering pants with "shaping benefits such as tummy control and derriere enhancement." Others however, have gone in the opposite direction, throwing caution to the wind and letting their imaginations go wild.
"Designers are artists," The Luxury Spot's Bryce Gruber, tells Yahoo Shine. "They're all sorta free spirited hippie types…so obviously intergalactic leggings are fair game."
Fair is a relative word.
"I've noticed a slow uptick in the patterned leggings trend," says Tamar Anitai, Managing Editor of MTV's Buzzworthy Blog."Unless you've got inches to spare, patterned leggings will make you look shorter, wider and a lot like Pippi Longstocking."
But, style doesn't always follow the rules of flattery. From online stores like ASOS to mass market retailers such as the Gap, leggings are passing the electric Kool-Aid acid test and we can't seem to look away. Here are a couple of examples of why. By: Andrea Arterbery, Shine Staff