The Trick to Notice-Me Eyes

Lip gloss makes your pout more perfect, but did you know there's another way to use the gooey stuff? According to New York based Lancome makeup artist Sandy Linter, who's painted the mugs of Gwyneth Paltrow and Liz Hurley, you can make your eyes pop by dabbing gloss on your eyelids. Really.

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"Using lip gloss on the eyelids is a makeup trick from the 1920s used by flapper girls who wanted their eyes to shimmer,"  says Linter. "Gloss brightens the eyes and reflects the light so the result is mysterious and alluring. It's also a good trick for toning down eyeshadow or softening the color if you've applied too much or the shade is too severe."

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And although this is a great look for women with any type of skin tone whether they're at the office or a nightclub, according to Linter, only those with a certain type of lid can pull this look off. See, there are two different types of eyelids (who knew?): Dry lids, which makeup better sticks to, making it last longer or warmer lids whose heat disintegrates makeup faster. To figure out which type you have, ask yourself whether your eye makeup needs refreshing throughout the day. If the answer is yes, using gloss will just make your shadow disappear faster (not good). If the answer is no, this gloss trick is for you.

To try it, first apply eyeshadow primer or concealer on the eyelid. "A base will allow your shadow and pencil to glide on smoothly and you'll conceal redness and absorb any oil," says Linter.

Then, line your eyelid with a dark pencil or gel. "Dark colors create a beautiful contrast between the whites of the eye and the eyeshadow," says Linter. 

Next, choose your shadow, placing your brush at the end of the outer corner of the eye and swipe inward. "The bulk of color should be more noticeable at the outer end of the eye and fade the closer you get to the cornea," says Linter. Her pick: Lancome Color Design Infinite.

Use a thick, clear lip gloss (either drugstore or schmancy brands will do). "If you like colored gloss, choose a mauve or honey because the majority of people look good in warm tones," says Listen. "The trick is to lightly dab a tiny amount on the center of your eyelid with the pad of your finger and let it sit there. No need to swipe it across the lid since the gloss will move around on its own as you go about your day.

For extra shimmer, you can even dab some gloss on your brow bone, just below the arch. Ready, set, shine!

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