See One Very Crazy 53-Coat Manicure

Most of us are used to a classic manicure with two layers of polish. Three, maybe, if you're looking to darken up a lighter shade. But one Toronto woman decided that two, three, even 10 coats simply wasn't enough. Kas, the creator of nail blog Varnished Valkyrie, posted a picture of her nails painted with not one, not two, but a whopping 53 layers of polish. Not surprisingly, the photo – which shows the multicolor coats individually stacked over her nailbeds – went viral.

“Boredom took over,” the improv instructor and aspiring comedy writer (who didn't share her last name) told Yahoo! Shine. “I wish I could tell you I saw something amazing that triggered this, but the reality was it just popped into my head.”

Kas began the process with a mere 10 layers of polish; and then another 10; and 10 more once again, until she hit 53 coats. But why the odd number? She had exactly 53 colors she was willing to sacrifice in case mixing ensued. The manicure took two hours to complete, but only a couple minutes to take off (with just a tissue, might we add).

Kas started painting her nails religiously around three years ago and now changes up her designs up to three times a week. But when asked if she plans on extending her one-of-a-kind manicure to others, she made herself pretty clear: “I wouldn't do this for anyone if they came begging on all fours.”