You've Got Tweets: Woman Uses Twitter to Track Down Missed Connection, Love Ensues

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What's a modern-day girl to do when she's sure she's just met the guy she's going to marry, but she didn't get his digits? Take to Twitter, of course. Erica Domesek, who lives in New York City, was traveling on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Calgary, Canada, when she hit it off with a handsome stranger in the seat next to her. While the pair exchanged pleasantries, they neglected to trade last names or contact information, so Domesek decided to tweet the airline for a little help.

The airline didn't bite at first, simply replying, "We hope your paths cross again," but Domesek didn't let their unenthusiastic reply stop her from pursuing them for more information.

Maybe it was the reference to the Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant rom-com "Notting Hill" that made the company give in, but no matter its motivation, American Airlines responded that they would love to help Domesek find her "Happily Ever After." Unfortunately, the airline is unable to give out passenger information (take comfort in knowing AA prioritizes privacy over love). They then asked Domesek to throw out some ideas of her own to track him down so she suggested the following: "Well @AmericanAir, what if u contact him? He's a lovely man & would be excited to hear about my grand gesture you're helping with #romance" While this proposal seemed practical, it was still a no-go. American Airlines instead offered another option:

Domesek conceded to plan C and tweeted out the mystery man's description in hopes of turning the missed connection into an eventual meetup.

Following the APB on the now-named bachelor, followers of Domesek's quest rallied around her to help the hopeless romantic by starting a hashtag campaign #FindClauco. One follower, Allie, was so inspired by this social media pursuit that she said, "Because of @psimadethis, I am forever using Twitter to tweet companies about their hot customers in hopes of meeting them. You are genius."

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Either Domesek — founder of the DIY lifestyle brand P.S - I Made This — really idoes have an incredibly high IQ, or she is just exceptionally media savvy because against all odds, this love story has a happy ending: She actually found Clauco. And in the end, it wasn't her social media pleas but rather a friend who subsequently spotted the guy. Domesek first tweeted (but soon deleted) the following: "To close the book on this story. The universe brought us together & he's amazing. FULL STOP. #romance CC: @AmericanAir.”

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Soon after, she shared a few more details (via a tweet, of course) that she was "grateful to Flight1073, my @SamsungMobileUS watch (w/ his photo) & friend I saw @ Apple store who knew him xo." Domesek also astutely noted that it's fitting (or fate) that Clauco was sitting in seat 2B, almost like the pair was destined "to be" together. (Get it?) Ironically, Domesek — who was more than happy to share her search with the world via social media and even turned to her network of famous friends for help — is currently holding the specifics of the couple's consequential correspondence close to her heart (Yahoo Shine reached out for comment but she declined to divulge details), let's just hope that the Twitter hunt was worth it.

Another benefit to so publicly pronouncing her infatuation and desire to date the man in 2B is that their "how we met" story is now eternally recorded in Twitter history. Perhaps the tale will be turned into a movie, too. The narrative does play out like a familiar cheeky '90s classic after all. From "You've Got Mail" to "You've Got Tweets," maybe technology really can solve missed-connection love mysteries one message at a time.

And, if their airplane meet-cute eventually turns into an everlasting love, American Airlines is happy to help the pair travel for their honeymoon. Sure, air travel has lost some of its glamour in recent years thanks to $8 microwaved sandwiches and sardine-like seating, but the possibility of meeting "the one" in midair is still a pretty good perk.

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