This Woman Wins Grandmother of the Year

Priscilla Greyeyes would do anything for her grandson Logan - even help deliver him into the world.

The Flagstaff, AZ resident was riding in her pickup truck with her pregnant daughter, Leandra, 22, when she suddenly went into labor. Priscilla pulled into the parking lot of a Safeway grocery store and called 911 for an ambulance.

"I was driving, and I looked at her - and the baby's head was halfway out," the grandmother tells KPNX.

"My mom was like, ''Wait, the ambulance is coming, you just have to wait a little bit,''' recalls Leandra. "And I was like, "Mom, I can't wait anymore. He's coming. He's coming now!''

Priscilla stayed on the phone with 911 as she helped deliver her grandson in her pickup truck. Baby Logan is doing just fine now, and already has an amazing story to tell when he's older. He also owes his Nana one amazing Grandmother's Day gift.

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