A Surprise 40 Years in the Making

What starts out as a home video of a family watching TV turns into a heartwarming surprise that has their patriarch in tears. Brian had a new Bengals hat for his father, Steven, who has been a fan of the team for 40 years. Then Brian surprised him with a signed jersey. It seemed like the moment couldn't get any better.

Then (at 2:05) Brian kicked things up a notch by surprising his dad with two tickets to the Bengals game, as well as hotel and airfare! His reaction to the incredible gift likely be your reaction too.

When asked how he felt about the clip being posted on the internet, Steven told Ellen Good News, "I was a little nervous at first. Then when the responses came in there was no doubt that was the thing to do. It struck a cord. With so much bad news out there, we all could use some of this."

Brian, you really made us all want to up our game. Well played.

As for how Steven feels about his awesome son, he continued, "Kids don't come with user manuals or warranties, so when you take the parenthood plunge you put a lot on faith. I can't tell you how lucky I am. Maybe this is the way of it coming back."