Spend Your Entire Day Watching Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Music Video

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Pharrell is one of the most innovative artists working today, and he really went out of the box for the music video for his single "Happy" from the "Despicable Me 2" soundtrack.

The clip of "Happy" is being touted as the world's first 24-hour music video, and includes enough footage to fill a whole day. There's even an interactive clock that allows viewers to skip to any particular minute of the day of their choosing.

In the clip, Pharrell -- along with kids, adults, and celebrities like Magic Johnson, Steve Carrell and Jamie Foxx - appear all over Los Angeles, singing and dancing through the mausoleums of the Hollywood Forever cemetery to the streets of Downtown and everywhere in between. They sure look pretty happy after hearing the same song over and over all day long!

Our recommendations to jump to if you don't have the next 24 hours available to watch the video in real time:

11:20 am - Check out this kid with amazing hair and even better moves jam out on the street.

3:33 pm - A bride doesn't need her groom around to feel happy!

4:41 pm - A lone minion rocks out in a suburban neighborhood.

8:49 pm - This chicken is way too happy to be shopping in the meat section of the supermarket.

Head to the appropriately titled website 24hoursofhappy.com to spend the next day watching Pharrell's new video.

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