They Rescued 22 Students from a Burning Bus; See What Happened when Ellen Found Out

Two sisters learned that bravery stretches well beyond the city limits of their small town in Mississippi, when Ellen rewarded them with $10,000 for saving a bus full of school kids from a fire two weeks ago.


On Monday, Bettye Windom, 24, and Beth Insley, 29, of Wesson, MS came by Ellen's studio to share details of their close encounter with a school bus going up in flames on the highway.

"We stopped at a stop sign and everybody was still on the bus and smoke was coming out," Bettye recalled to Jeannie.

Beth added, "Bettye got in front of the bus, put the brakes on, and stopped them. They got out just in time."

Thanks to Bettye and Beth's act of courage, 22 students were saved before the bus completely burned to the ground. The sisters said they didn't think twice about risking their lives or their brand new car, and they don't consider themselves heroes either.

"We're happy we were there at the right time," Beth offered. "We were glad we made mom proud!"

They made Ellen proud, too! Our host gave each sister a check for $5,000 for saving so many people. Bettye broke down in tears.

She said, "This will help me pay my car off."

Kindness always comes back to you!

*Special thanks to Ruby Carter for video footage!*

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