Nothing Comes Between This Goose and Her Retiree Boyfriend

Once upon a time in downtown Los Angeles, a goose fell in love with a local retiree. The goose, a Toulouse named Maria, spotted Dominick, a retired salesman, during one of his morning walks around Echo Park Lake, and knew he was the one she had been waiting to waddle beside for life.

A CBS News report from a couple years ago resurfaced on YouTube Wednesday thanks to a popular vlogger, and gained attention from the web. The video documents Maria and Dominick's real-life love story, a unique friendship and pseudo romance that has become, what one woman calls, "the talk of the park."

Maria, a modern goose, made the first move. In fact, Dominick didn't even have to flirt or buy her a breadcrumb to snag her attention. Maria just started following/stalking him as he strolled around the pond until he finally took notice.

Now, the two meet regularly for dates. While other geese play in the water or beg by the picnic tables, Maria stands on the sidewalk every day waiting for Dominick to arrive on his scooter. When he gets there, they walk around the lake together, catch up, and bask in the sun.

People stare. Some folks have never seen a guy walking around with a goose before.

"People will look at us, like, what is this?" says Dominick.


Evidently, Maria gets mad when other geese or even other animals try to approach him. One day, a pit bull tried to solicit a pet, and Maria got her feathers ruffled.

While the two have grown close, Dominick says he's not ready to take it to the next level. Maria tries to fly home with him when he leaves every day, and he has to return to the park and have someone hold her down. Sometimes he sits at a bench and reads and waits for her to fall asleep.

Nevertheless, because of their whirlwind romance, Dominick's outlook on animals has changed, and he's quit eating poultry.

"I used to think birds were dumb, this has changed all that," he says. "Isn't she an angel?"

Oh, we just got goosebumps!


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