Not All 6-Year-Old Girls Just Want to Play with Dolls

Relz, Sierra and Bella make up the Pink Helmet Posse.
Relz, Sierra and Bella make up the Pink Helmet Posse.

Relz Murphy, Sierra Kerr and Bella Kenworthy are all 6 years old, and they love pink. They also love to skateboard, and have become so adept on their decks that they're ruling skate parks all over Southern California.

The three tiny athletes, christened The Pink Helmet Posse, have been skating together for a year, and their skills are already more advanced than those of most adult skaters. Just take a look at their impressive Instagram account, filled with astounding photos and videos of the girls performing incredible stunts.

The crew hopes to inspire other young girls to learn to skateboard, an activity typically viewed as just for boys. They've even started their own line of skateboards and apparel, with the help of their extremely supportive fathers.

"Watching your 6-year-old daughter hit tile in a 13-foot bowl, that is pretty cool. But watching her confidence grow -- not just with skating, but in life -- that's even better," says Relz's father Gary Murphy, to GrindTV. "If that's all she ever gets out of skating, then we've succeeded."

Relz, Sierra and Bella prove that there's no such thing as boys' sports and girls' sports. You can rock a pink helmet and be a badass, too!

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