Kids' 'Roar' Redux Will Make Your Day

Some brave hospitalized kids are getting to show off their fierceness to the world this week, lip-synching to the Katy Perry song “Roar” in a video that will make you misty, hopeful, and humbled all at once. Created at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and posted to YouTube on Monday, its viewership has grown to nearly 70,000 in just the first day.

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“It was a very serendipitous kind of project,” producer Chris Cammock tells Yahoo Shine. The Vermont-based graphic designer and creative director had recently been working with the hospital, where her brother is employed, doing some pro bono branding projects for its half-marathon fundraiser (which took place Sunday). And ever since hearing Katy Perry sing “Roar” at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, she says her mind had been cranking with a way to use the empowering pop song to support the kids of CHaD.

“I’ve always loved lip-synching because I can’t sing,” Cammock explains. So she drew up storyboards for the video she envisioned, and called her brother to ask him to help her make it happen. At the same time, another hospital employee had the same idea and her brother heard about it, pulling everyone together to shoot the inspiring video in just one day, all over the hospital, from the rooms of sick patients to the office of the president. And the result is amazing, with kids — some visibly ill, some seemingly full of energy — and employees creating a beautifully inspired visual mix.

“The girl in the tie-dyed purple shirt is my best friend and she is the strongest and bravest person I know,” writes one YouTube commenter, referring to the animated girl who emerges as one of the video’s stars. “I love you Meghan!”

Cammock feels that the stars aligned for the effort. “I’m super-passionate about creative projects, and, for me, it was like a gift that they came along with me,” she says. “It was seriously awesome just seeing these kids just light up. A lot of them have cancer and don’t have a lot of energy.”

On her blog, she writes, “I was BLOWN AWAY at the enthusiasm and energy. We never had much time (it is a working hospital) but we did our thing and they did their thing and it was MAGIC. I would go into a patient's room and ask if they could sing a line or a few words and they would sing the verse. The kids knew this song really well! I loved seeing them get into it and watch their eyes glow, their smiles. Daaaaang, it is awesome.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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