Homeless Man Wins Lottery and Does Something Incredible with Winnings

László Andraschek was living on the streets of Gyor, Hungary after suffering years of debt and unemployment. Perhaps in a rare moment of hope for a better future, he used his last remaining coins to purchase a lottery ticket.

Unbelievably, that ticket was a winner! Andraschek was the lucky recipient of Hungary's biggest jackpot ever, taking home 630m Hungarian Forint ($2.8 million in US dollars). While most people would go crazy with a new found fortune that plopped right in their lap, the 55-year-old decided to use the money to better the lives of those around him.

After taking himself out of homelessness and paying off his debts, he used his money to help his loved ones. He bought his three children new cars and homes, and paid off the debts of his other relatives so they wouldn't end up on the street like he had.

Andraschek kept his win quiet, but was found out after making a significant donation to a homeless shelter. He now plans to use his winnings to establish a foundation for addicts and abused women.

"I have become rich, but I have not become a different person," he said.

If everyone in the world had Andraschek's generosity and compassion, we all would hit the jackpot.

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