Ellen’s Favorite Moments of Giving Back from Season 11

This season, Ellen has invited so many inspirational people on her show that have taught her and her audience so much about strength, perseverance and positivity. You'll want to keep the tissues handy while watching this montage filled with the best Season 11 moments of Ellen gifting her amazing guests with life-changing surprises.

Take a look back at some of the most memorable appearances by people who have inspired others in countless ways -- from Sara Hoidahl, the waitress who paid for the meal of two furloughed government workers, to Tayt Andersen, the 8-year-old who keeps smiling despite needing a lifesaving heart transplant, to Shelley and Amy, two educators who supported their students after their schools were destroyed by a tornado.

Let's also not forget the little scene-stealer who celebrated Halloween as Daft Pumpkin! Check it out!

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